About Me

 I'm Pretty sure since you've followed my blog you want to know a little about me and my blog so here are some facts:

My name is Maya and I'm 18 years old. I'll soon be graduating from, the place that is supposedly "the best years of your life" which is high school. Then I'll be out into the world to experience College, where i'll hopefully double major in English and Library Science.

     My favorite things to do:
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Playing Sims :) (I'm obsessed)
  • Looking up photography on flickr and Deviant art
  • watching old movies from the sixties  through the ninties 
  •  I love:
  • Starbucks cupcakes
  • Landscape Photography
  • art museums even though i've never been to one (only see them in pictures)
  • knowing the history/story about the people who lived in abandon houses
  • books and writing
  •  About my blog, Live...Love...Laugh..and READ:
  • I have no clue when I officially started
  • where did I get the name?I love the saying live love laugh since thats basically what makes life worth living so i added that and put read on the end (I wanted READ  to stand out that's why it's in caps)
  • I mainly read YA sometimes other stuff but majority of the time YA
  • I hope soon I'll have giveaways and interviews.

    What I hope to have soon are giveaways, interviews, book news, and more cool stuff added to my page. (i'm still learning, if you can't tell)