Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Book Blogger Hop

"If you find a book you love, do you hunt down other books by the same author?"

Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. It all depends on what the story line of the author's other books are. Take for example Holly Black and Casandra Clare. I first books I've read of Holly Black's was Ironside which I loved and since I loved that series I decided to read White Cat since it sounded different and interesting but it turned out to be okay not amazing or anything. Also Cassandra Clare's Mortal instruments series which I love also even though I think it's going a bit down hill with the th book I loved her Prequel, The Infernal Devices series.

What is on your current playlist right now?

Many songs and bands right now like:

Florence + The Machine
All Time Low's song Time Bomb
Britney Spears
Camera Obscura
Vanessa Carlton


  1. Great playlist. I'm glad that Britney is making another comeback. I'll have to check out her new songs that I keep running into on this FF.

    Thanks for visiting my blog:) I am your newest follower!

    Happy FF!!

  2. Nice choices! I love Adele and Vanessa Carlton. New follower.
    Hope you're having a good weekend. :)
    kathy from Read This Instead

  3. Florence and the Machine AND Adele are great picks! I had a Florence and the Machine song on my list too. Have a great weekend. :)

    Reading Lark's Follow Friday & Hop

  4. Ummm... so I love your playlist by the way. I'm likely to at least research an author that I find amazing. Purchase...that's something else.

  5. Two new authors for me...haven't heard of Holly Black or Casandra Clare.

    Stopping by from the Blog Hop.

    Stop by my blog if you like to see my answer.