Thursday, December 16, 2010

Book Hop (4) & Follow Friday (3)

Book Blogger Hop

"What do you consider the most important in a story: the plot or the characters?"
ah, an interesting question, but I would have to say both are extremely important. Why? because the plot is what made you want to read the book and if the plot isn't what you expected and turns out to be a flop :( well, then it's not really much of a read and the characters are just as important also since it's basically what makes up a book and gives you the feel of some of the book I should say and if the characters are boring and plain it's pretty hard to keep reading since your basically in agony of having to read plain characters :/, but it's mainly the plot that makes me want to read the book the characters is important but not nessecarily what I look or think much about when selecting a book.

What did you study in college, or are currently studying and did it lead to your current 9 to 5 or are you doing something totally different?

Well I can't really answer this question much, but since I am going to college in the Fall of 2011 i'm going to double major in English and Library Science :)


  1. Just popping in via the hop to say hi! I agree both characters and plot are so important, it's always best when both are fabulous, but I tend to be more of a character person:) Glad to be new follower here, we seem to like the same books (had to comment on your Last Sacrifice review, I just finished that one!) Hope you have a great weekend!

    Jenny of Supernatural Snark

  2. Hi New follower here . Hope you have a Merry Xmas! I love a good plot but same time I love those characters with a sarcastic sense of humor, so I'm torn.

    My Follow Friday/Book Blogger Hop

  3. thanks for following my blog, im following you back :) i love your your blog header and background! have an awesome day :)

  4. Joining you from over at the Book Blogger Hop, it's nice to have met you, I've enjoyed my visit.

  5. Hi! I'm a new follower. :-) I love finding new YA blogs.

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  6. Hey! Thanks for stopping by for today's #FF and checking out my new blog design. Have you read my featured blogger post yet at Parajunkee's View? I'm an old follower. :) Happy weekend!

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  7. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Now following you back :) Have a good weekend!
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  8. Thanks for hopping by :) Cute blog, and yay for library science.

  9. I did not go to college, and I am currently retired. I worked for over 15 years in the secretarial division of Emery Air Freight in the 1960s and 1970s. I was a stay-at-home mom for the 1980s and 1990s, and now I am helping my daughter with her business, Tribute Books as the volunteer office manager.

  10. Copy cat! I'm totally studying English and library science! Er, well, I WOULD study library science if my school offered it as an undergrad major (I can take the classes, but they're graduate classes)...BUT STILL! Its like we share the same mind...*cue Twilight Zone music* (I hope you enjoy it. The classes are great!)

    Anyway, just stopping by to wish you a HAPPY FRIDAY!

  11. This might be the best Book Blogger Hop question I've seen to date.

    So what's the answer? Plot! Hop over to my blog and let me tell you how a good plot rescued bad characters from bad book oblivion.

    Howard Sherman

  12. Thanks for hopping by! I'm a new follower :o) I agree that there needs to be a good balance between characters and plot. Happy hopping!

  13. I prefer characters over plot. But both are important. I'm a new follower. Happy Blog Hop.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I'm following back. :)

  15. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've returned the follow! ^.^

    I couldn't choose between plot and characters either... lol.

    Hope you had a great weekend! :)

    Liz (Midnight Bloom)
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