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Author Interview: Alex Flinn

Author: Alex Flinn
Beastly(an upcoming movie)
Clocked(recently came out on February 8, 2011
A Kiss in Time
Breathing Underwater
Nothing to Lose
Breaking Point
Fade to black

In your books you love to re-write classic stories. How come?

I loved these stories as a kid, and now that I am older, I enjoy the idea of revisiting them and thinking about what was going on "behind the scenes," so to speak. Why was the Beast all alone? How could Sleeping Beauty live happily ever after with a stranger. Stuff like that.

When it comes to love do you think society is stead on looks more than personality and if so what do you think might help change that?

I don't know if that is the case or not. It's definitely the case with some people. I wonder if, now that more and more people are meeting online, it makes people more likely to look past looks.

What are some hopes that you have for the future?

I hope to keep writing forever.

Are the cast for the upcoming film of your book Beastly exactly how you portrayed in your head?

Well, of course not. The characters in my head are in my head, and the producers of Beastly had to fill the roles with actual people who not only looked like the characters but could act like the characters and also, could carry a movie. They couldn't just find some random girl who looked like Lindy. To me, the changes are minimal. I've seen fans complaining that they didn't like the (usually because Vanessa Hudgens doesn't have red hair), and I think it is sweet that they are so loyal to the book. But I have to say I haven't seen any suggestions that would be better (Emma Stone, for example, is a frequent suggestion because she has auburn hair, but I really think she is just way too mature and tough to play Lindy -- she's playing an adult role in The Help). I think Vanessa has both Lindy's sweetness and intelligence, and that is more important than hair color. I do think Alex Pettyfer looks just like Kyle.

From all of the books you wrote what is one thing you hoped readers learned, received, or got out of reading your books?

I really just hope they enjoyed reading them and took something away from them. It would be different for every book, and every reader.


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